The perfect gift for lovers...


A remarkable collection of 32 poems,

some sweetly romantic, some whimsical, some intensely erotic,

exploring the most intimate aspect of physical love.

Read it alone, or better yet, read it with your lover

and share the moment, share the words, share the joy.


Here are the titles of the poems:

Sweet Sunday Morning

Hot Water

Love Seat

Fancy That

Behind You, Love


On The Recline

Satin Sheets


Garden Of  Love

Equestrian Event

Hands On Experience

Mile High

Cradle Me

You And Me

The Storm

Lady Love

Auto-Eroticism, Revisited

Sofa, So Good

Dress Up

Workout, Workout


Lazy Daze


Passion without Rhyme Or Reason

Hot Water, Revisited

Shy Lover

An Island Made For Loving

A Handy Pair

Powder Puff

Side Saddle



The poems are tastefully presented, but still contain adult content.

They are intended for those 18 years of age and older.

The collection of erotic poems is available in two formats -- an ebook and a 56 page trade paperback.



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